You are welcome to enjoy our province!
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You are welcome to enjoy our province!

At the moment we receive many messages with questions about the situation in the Netherlands and whether your stay with us can continue. Yes you can! At this moment the provinces of North & South Holland are "red" coloured. Zeeland is not one of them. For the province of Zeeland there is currently no travel warning.
You are welcome to enjoy our province!

Zeeland Culture

Come and taste Zeeland culture. In Middelburg there are more than 1000 national monuments. Every first Sunday of the month, Middelburg opens its coast and culture route. Walk past the historic buildings and streets. Taste the atmosphere of the streets and warehouses. Experience Middelburg and enjoy art, culture and history.

Zeeland is inspiring. The whole province offers many art routes, where the galleries and studios are accessible. If you want to get inspiration or make an art purchase, you go to the Zeeland galleries. Here the offer varies from experimental to traditional. 

The monuments in Zeeland are part of Zeeland's culture. There are numerous mills, lighthouses, churches, old defences, farms and monumental buildings. Middelburg is a good way to see what this city looked like a hundred years ago.

Zeeland traditions
During folkloric days there are many Zeeland traditions to admire such as the costume and old games. For example, the ring riding, in a gallop on a horse, a ring must be stung with a lance. Visit a folkloric market to see how the Zeeland chatterers are made and taste the Zeeland pastry: the bolus.