You are welcome to enjoy our province!
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You are welcome to enjoy our province!

At the moment we receive many messages with questions about the situation in the Netherlands and whether your stay with us can continue. Yes you can! At this moment the provinces of North & South Holland are "red" coloured. Zeeland is not one of them. For the province of Zeeland there is currently no travel warning.
You are welcome to enjoy our province!

Coastal Town

Zoutelande, also known as the Zeeland Riviera. It used to be a fishing village, but the village has become a busy seaside resort on Walcheren.

The beaches are located on the South, so there are nowhere else in the Netherlands to find as many hours of sunshine as in Zoutelande. With the beaches of 5 kilometers this is an ideal seaside resort for sun lovers. Also here are the highest dunes in the Netherlands. So they are very popular for paraglaiden. If you want to see this special activity, you have a beautiful view from the dike.

A special museum can be found in the dunes, the Bunker Museum. Here you will learn more about the coastal defense in Zeeland during the Second World War.

Domburg is a seaside resort, with all the comforts provided. The place is blessed with a long sandy beach, where you can stay every season. In summer, the beach restaurants provide a delicious cold drink and in winter you can go there for hot chocolate.

In the centre of Domburg, terraces, nice shops and restaurants are the basis for a relaxing day out. In the summer months there are plenty of fun activities. For example, there is a season market on the main street, music performances and events such as ring riding.

Oostkapelle is a village and a real family resort. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the village. Chances are you'll still see the traditional costume, take a seat on a terrace in the Dorpstraat and see the tradition.

The beaches of Oostkapelle are known for its pole heads and beach houses. Are you looking for a wonderful walk on the beach, playing fun for the children or a sports activity? The beautiful white beaches offer optimal amenities for this.

The village is located near the beautiful nature reserve Oranjezon. On the west side of Vrouwenpolder lies the tough Oosterscheldekering. The Oosterscheldekering is the largest and most famous Delta work. The 9km storm surge barrier closes the Oosterschelde at imminent high tide. Combine your visit to the Delta Works with Deltapark Neeltje Jans. This is the theme park of Zeeland. It's a lovely day out for young and old. The place brings nature, culture and technology together. Learn about the 1953 flood disaster through movies and exhibitions. With a walk inside the Storm Surge Barrier, the experience is even more impressive. Get on the tour boat and let yourself sail over the Oosterschelde, the largest National Park in the Netherlands.

Westkapelle is an ideal place for summer and winter. In both seasons it is wonderful to stay here. The village is located on the westernmost tip of the Netherlands, surrounded by the North Sea and high dunes. Climb the dunes for stunning views over the characteristic village with its red roofs. Enjoy the waves, the passing ships and a beautiful sunset. In Westkapelle stands the first lighthouse of the Netherlands to safely guide Sailors along the coast. The lighthouse is regularly open for a visit.

Veere is also referred to as the Pearl of Walcheren, because of its beautiful nature and rich history. The beautiful historic town is centrally located on ''Veerse Meer'' and is surrounded by wooded areas. The Grote Kerk is the eye-catcher of Veere. The church is open to the public. The Grote Kerk is also an excellent destination for a night out, for example, concerts are regularly organised by Music Podium Zeeland. All year round there are all kinds of events in Veere.

For cosy shopping you are at the right place in the city centre. Most shops in Veere are open 7 days a week, so you have enough time to score a Zeeuw souvenir.

The area has an extensive cycling network. The cycle route ''Around the Veerse Meer' shows you the most beautiful spots by the water, you will experience the special things that arise on the water. Cycle past the historic marina where on busy days many colourful sails enter the harbour.

Vlissingen, the city by the sea. The ideal coastal town for a varied day out. The main attraction is the Boulevard. Nowhere else do the ships sail so close along the beaches. The city has two beaches, where you can enjoy yourself for a whole day thanks to its many facilities.

Vlissingen has a number of different sights for young and old. For Zeeland's history, you can enjoy the MuZeeum. Here you will learn all about one of the most famous people in the country's history: Admiral and naval hero Michiel de Ruyter.