You are welcome to enjoy our province!
Cityhotel Wood

You are welcome to enjoy our province!

At the moment we receive many messages with questions about the situation in the Netherlands and whether your stay with us can continue. Yes you can! At this moment the provinces of North & South Holland are "red" coloured. Zeeland is not one of them. For the province of Zeeland there is currently no travel warning.
You are welcome to enjoy our province!

WOOD: The story

You’ll find City Hotel WOOD situated on the stately canal waterfront in Middelburg. Over a hundred years ago, this spot was home to a flourishing sawmill. Not that surprising, given the name of our street: Achter de Houttuinen means ‘Behind the Timber Yards’.

WOOD: the place
Back in the day, the wood from the old timber yards was transported easily to and from other villages or cities in the area. Countless barges navigated the fine network of canals, rivers and the sea. The street names of surrounding streets still remind us of that time. For example, ‘Domburgs Schuitvlot’ is named after the pier (‘vlot’) for barges (‘schuit’) to and from Domburg.

Long after the sawmill went out of business, the Zeeland Institute for Social & Cultural Development (Scoop) was located at this address. Now, it’s home to our hotel. We love to keep history alive, though; that’s why we decided to name our hotel WOOD.

WOOD: the people
Both of us got fascinated by hospitality and gastronomy from an early age.

Bennie was twelve when his family moved to Yerseke, a small fishing town on the Oosterschelde estuary. Spending time among oysters, mussels, periwinkles and lobsters, one summer he got to go on a spat fishing trip in Germany, near Wiek. The captain? His best friend’s dad. One time while fishing, a huge crab was caught… and at lunchtime, the crew enjoyed a rich and delicious crab salad. Bennie then felt he wanted to make such dishes too!

Thanks to the enthusiasm and fun work environment in the restaurant where Bennie later worked as an intern, he found out for sure: his passion lies in the kitchen.

Eva’s first summer job was at a ice-cream parlour in Vlissingen. Long days, few breaks… Handling the ice tong for so long gave her callouses as well as a big smile upon her face. There, she learned what it is to work hard. She also learned how much energy she gets from that, especially when working as part of a close team, helping people.

During her Tourism education in Middelburg, she interned at the front desk at Hotel Goes. Little did she know she would stay for eleven years straight. Front office and sales, management assistance, HRM: Eva got to experience all aspects of the hospitality industry during her time at Hotel Goes. Her favourite tasks? As long as it involves close contact with guests, Eva is happy!

WOOD: the joy
When entering our hotel, you are in fact stepping into our idea of hospitality. Together with Peter, WOOD’s owner and his partner Natasja, we have come up with the hotel concept ourselves. That holds true for our interior design concept and our hotel values as well. Our passion for sustainability, for instance, guides us in how we run our kitchen, housekeeping and transportation facilities.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, we nourished WOOD into existence. Step by step
Eva spends her days as hotel manager making sure all services for our guests as well as all operations behind the scenes run smoothly. She loves working alongside her team. Bennie enjoys the freedom to work with special ingredients and invent new dishes.

Eleven years ago, we met at Hotel Goes. Our time together has gone so quickly! Getting to run a hotel together is a great gift… WOOD truly is our baby and we’re happy to make WOOD into one big family, with you, the other guests and all of our staff!