Cityhotel Wood


We can imagine that it is exciting to book a stay during these times. That is why we guarantee that you can always change your reservation with a stay in 2020 free of charge!

sustainable entrepreneurship

The vision of a more sustainable future warms our hearts and hands. Fortunately, passion-generated heat doesn’t add to global warming! On the contrary: at WOOD, we’re contributing to a healthy and balanced ecosystem in all sorts of small, playful ways.

Our point of pride: our Tree Fund. For this project, we joined forces with the Zeeuwse Milieufederatie (Zeeland Environmental Federation or ZMF). At the moment, the fund is in a start-up phase and we are looking for a suitable plot of land where we’ll plant trees together with ZMF. The more lungs of the earth, the merrier!

We are able to do this thanks to your stay with us. Every time you rent a bike or scooter, purchase a parking ticket or decide to skip cleaning & use your towels and sheets for another day, we donate a small amount to the Tree Fund.  And if you want, you can opt for offsetting the CO2 emissions of your trip to Middelburg. This money, too, goes to more rustling trees on our peninsula!

In the kitchen, too, Bennie is working hard to reduce our ecological footprint. For instance, he strives to keep food miles down by focusing on local and seasonal produce. And together we are growing our own oyster mushrooms… on a bed of coffee grounds that would otherwise be thrown in the bin.

Have you got any suggestions? Get in touch with Eva and her team. There is always more to learn!