Cityhotel Wood


We can imagine that it is exciting to book a stay during these times. That is why we guarantee that you can always change your reservation with a stay in 2020 free of charge!

Oak & Elm

Don’t let the name fool you. Our Tiny Oak rooms are great in their cosiness. Like the handmade oak closets, the rooms have been finished with a lot of love. Right up until the last detail.

When you’re looking for just a few extra square feet, the Original Elm rooms are right for you. Original design, natural materials, spaciousness that fans out around you like… yes, like an elm crown. A perfect shelter from the storm.

Dreaming away is easy here in our king-size, extra long Swiss Sense Premium box springs (1m80 x 2m10). Prefer to stay awake for a while longer? Watching a series, doing some work or catching up is no problem in these easy chairs or love seat. Or do so, sinking into the sea of pillows on your bed. Because your laptop, book or cup of tea won’t topple over thanks to your butler, a handy little over-bed table.

Speaking of tea… you’ll find WOOD thermos cups in the Tiny Oak and Original Elm rooms. Convenient for getting yourself a fresh cup or tea or coffee down in the library, 24/7. Also useful in case you want to bring some to work or on your day out. (Should you get rather attached to thee cups, then you can buy them upon leaving. Makes for a nice souvenir!)