You are welcome to enjoy our province!
Cityhotel Wood

You are welcome to enjoy our province!

At the moment we receive many messages with questions about the situation in the Netherlands and whether your stay with us can continue. Yes you can! At this moment the provinces of North & South Holland are "red" coloured. Zeeland is not one of them. For the province of Zeeland there is currently no travel warning.
You are welcome to enjoy our province!



Welcome to Cityhotel Wood! We will do our utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible. For your comfort we have put together this hotel directory with information about our hotel and services. If you have any questions or would like other information, please do not hesitate to contact reception. Reception is available daily from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. We wish you a wonderful stay!


In the regulations below you will find the most important house rules that apply within our hotel. We ask you to respect and accept these rules.

- All instructions from hotel staff relating to house rules must be followed.
- Stay calm in case of fire. Report a fire at reception or call in the nearest fire alarm.
- In the event of a general fire alarm, leave the premises immediately.
- In case of fire, do not use the lifts under any circumstances.
- In connection with the identification requirement, you must be able to show valid proof of identification of all persons staying in the hotel at the time of check-in. The minimum age to stay in our hotel is 18 years, with the exception of children and young adults staying with their parents.
- Cameras are installed at various locations within the building. Everyone who is in our hotel agrees to make recordings. In case of calamities and/or incidents these recordings can be shown to third parties as supporting material.
- Lost and found must be handed in at the reception desk.
- The hotel is not responsible for the loss or theft of your belongings.
- The management, the owner of this location and/or persons working for the hotel cannot be held liable for any injury and/or material or immaterial damage suffered by visitors to the location.
- You can store your luggage in our gadget lockers at the reception.

- Take hotel property outside the building. In the event of deliberate damage to hotel property, one may be held liable for repair and/or renewal costs.
- To consume, use, trade or carry narcotics.
- Nitrous oxide balloons to be used in the room.
- Causing nuisance to another person by means of loud music, unsympathetic behaviour or noise of any kind.
- Smoking in the entire building. If we find that people do smoke, we are obliged to charge € 175.00 for cleaning costs. If the fire alarm is set off by smoking, the call-out costs of € 275,00 will be charged to you.
- Receiving guests in the rooms for sexual commercial activities.

- It is absolutely forbidden to light candles / incense-smoking in connection with the fire alarm and fire hazard. (The security system will be activated immediately).
- Certain decorations, such as confetti, are not permitted in the hotel rooms. Ask at reception if your decoration is allowed. Any additional cleaning costs or technical faults resulting from this will be charged to the guest.
- Damage, loss or destruction of hotel property will result in immediate removal, liability and/or reporting to the police.

In all cases not provided for in these regulations, the management of Cityhotel Wood will decide.

The AED is located at the reception

Apotheek Middelburg
Kalverstraat 1
4331 LZ Middelburg
Telephone + 31 (0)118-820399

Medsen Apotheek Veersche Poort
Fazantenhof 12 14
4332 XT Middelburg
Telephone + 31 (0)118-612538

BENU Apotheek Dauwendaele
Roozenburglaan 18
4337 JH Middelburg
Telephone + 31 (0)118-627471

For an additional charge (and if available) you can have a baby cot placed in your room at the reception desk.

There is a trolley available to transport your luggage within the hotel. In our luggage storage you can store your belongings. 

Our atmospheric hotel bar is open daily. You will find the hotel bar in the lobby next to the reception.

You can park your bike in our basement below the hotel.

Cracks to the other side of town? In front of the hotel you will find part-time bikes that you can use for € 0.40/30 min. Prefer a longer exploration of the flat land? Hire an e-bike (€22.50/day) or a 3-speed bike (€12.50/day).

For breakfast we will be happy to reserve a table for you. At check-in we will ask for the desired time. This way everyone can have breakfast at ease, with plenty of space around it.

Also chic: we leave the buffet empty for a while. We will pick up your order and serve everything. A four-course breakfast that starts with coffee or tea, fresh orange juice, milk or a vegetable smoothie, a croissant and some fresh fruit. Then you can choose from some dairy dishes for the second course. This is followed by something sweet or savoury, such as butter-soft scrambled eggs with avocado, tomato salad and Pain de Mer (with or without bacon) or light banana pancakes with blueberries, ricotta, maple syrup and strawberries. With a ginger shot and homemade cake, this start of the day ends in style.

It is possible to have breakfast delivered to your room between 7.30 and 11.00 hrs. To order room service breakfast please contact reception (at the latest the evening before).

You need to check out before 11:00 a.m., if you would like to use your room for a longer period of time you can ask for the possibilities at reception.

Our hotel has two rooms. The Tannery and the Sawmill. For information you can contact our reception between 7:00 am and 11:00 pm.

You can report any complaints or comments to reception. They will pass these on to the manager on duty.

Our rooms are equipped with a VRF system. The system brings the entire room to one temperature. Keep the windows closed and put your room pass in the holder to set the desired room temperature.

Tandartspraktijk Mathia
Kalverstraat 1, gang E
4331 LZ Middelburg
Telephone +31 (0)118 76 90 96
Appointment cards are available at the reception.

Huisartsenpraktijk Bruynzeel
Dam 8, 4331 GJ Middelburg
Telephone + 31 (0)118 615 814

If you don't want to be disturbed, hang the non-disturbed card on the outside of the door.

All emergency exits are clearly marked in the corridors and equipped with emergency lighting. Also take a look at the map on the inside of your room door to see where the nearest emergency exit is located.

- Stay calm in all cases
- Report the fire directly to reception
- The map on your room door shows the escape routes
- Do not use the lift under any circumstances
- In the event of a general smoke alarm, leave the building as soon as possible via the emergency exits and report to the company emergency workers at the assembly point.

There is a small fridge in every room, which you can use during your stay.

Life-threatening situation? Always call 112

Huisartsenpost Walcheren
Koudekerkseweg 86
4382 ED, Vlissingen 
0900 – 1985 for rush in the evening / night and at the weekend (keep your BSN number at hand)

At check-in we will ask if you wish to make use of daily cleaning. Do you think this is too much of a good thing, because you are worried about the ecological pressure of all those laundry and cleaning products? Please let us know. Then we will skip the housekeeping round and donate to the tree project. Even if they are small (€ 1.50 per room per day), they won't help us.

Would you like to make use of the daily cleaning? Then let's agree: if you want a clean towel, throw the dirty one on the floor and we'll make sure you get new towels.

Koudekerkseweg 89
4382 EE VLissingen
088 – 125 0000

You can stay in your room from 15:00. Earlier check-in is possible if your room is already available. Do you prefer digital check-in? Via your booking confirmation you can download a Flexipass ( which gives you access to the hotel and your room. Handy if you are in a hurry, or arrive between 23:00 and 07:00. Then the self check-in kiosk also offers a solution. Although we would like to greet you in person, that goes without saying.

Free wireless internet is available throughout the building. The network name is '@Wood Free Wifi'. You do not need a password for this.

The hotel has a disabled toilet downstairs in the basement. The basement can be reached by lift.

You can contact reception for lost and/or found items.

Cars and the city centre are unfortunately not a happy combination... We like to keep our four parking spaces available for electric and disabled transport. (electric charging possible from September)

Do you want to park nearby? Then we recommend parking garage Achter de Houttuinen or car park Hof van Tange. It is a 1-2 minute walk away. Parking tickets for Hof van Tange are for sale at the front desk (€ 10,60/day).
Another possibility: the Cycle Hub (Oude Veerseweg). For € 5,-/day we can arrange a part-time bike to and from the hotel and support the tree project with € 1,50.

Your dog is welcome at WOOD. For € 17,50/night we make everything ready for you and your dog: water, dog biscuits and a dog box spring of course! We can reassure less animal-loving guests, with or without allergy: the rooms suitable for dogs are concentrated in the basement. And the hotel will never become a beastly place, because you are allowed to bring a maximum of one dog per room.
Dogs are not allowed in public areas, only in the hotel room.

You can pay with us in cash and with the usual credit cards (Maestro, VPay, Visa, MasterCard and AmEx). Prepayment is also possible with iDeal.

Reception is open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Between 23:00 - 07:00 our number is available for emergencies.

We are open Monday to Sunday for breakfast (07:00 - 11:00) and Monday to Saturday for lunch (11:30 - 17:00) and dinner (from 17:00). We serve lunch from the 31st of August.

Room service is available at a surcharge of € 7.50 per order/delivery. You can contact reception to place your order.

Every room has a safe in which you can store your valuables.
Management does not accept any liability for loss or theft of valuables.

Opening hours shops in the centre of Middelburg:
Monday | 12:00 – 17:30 hours
Tuesday t/m Wednesday | 09:30 – 17:30 hours
Thursday | 09:30 – 21:00 hours
Friday | 09:30 – 17:30 hours
Saturday | 09:00 – 17:00 hours 
Sunday | Closed (first Sunday of the month shopping Sunday)

You can borrow a steam machine at the reception.

The key to your room can be used for the electricity in the room. First put the key in the cardholder before you can use electricity. Would you like to enter the hotel later than 23:00 via the main entrance? Then you can put your key against the card holder on the right side of the door.

You can order a packed lunch (€ 12,50) at the reception. You can choose from three different packages. Order your packed lunch no later than the evening (before 22:00) in advance.


Taxi Livo: 0118-635800
Taxi at Sea Middelburg: 0118-435106

With the television in your room you can stream from your phone. Click on the streaming on the remote control and scan the QR-code with your phone.

Oral care and shaving kits are available at our reception.

A tree plan: for this we joined forces with the Zeeland Environmental Federation. At the moment, this plan is still in the start-up phase and we are looking for a suitable piece of land on Walcheren where we can plant trees together with the ZMF. The more lungs of the earth, the more joy! We can do this partly thanks to your hotel visit. Because if you rent an (electric) bicycle, book a package deal or decide to skip the daily room cleaning, we will donate a fixed contribution of € 1.50 to the tree plan each time. And if you wish, you can opt for a CO2-neutral trip to Middelburg when you book: the compensation amount goes directly to more rustling treetops on the island!

You can drink the water from the tap very well.