What are we still allowed to do? What should we refrain from during this pandemic? At WOOD, we put safety and security first. At the same time, we’re exploring how we can contribute to as much joy and lust for life as we can.

Because the opposite of ‘healthy’ is not just ‘sick’. Those who are lonely, fearful or sad deserve our care and attention, too. (Admittedly, that’s also in our personal best interest. Financially, yes, but also on a human level. In light of our passion for hospitality, we just happen to flourish when we can create a memorable stay or lovely meal for you.)

General measures
With us, too, social distancing is key. Keep a 1,5-metre distance at all times to everyone you encounter. We ask those who are ill to stay home. (We’re happy to send you a postcard!) We have arranged for hand-washing or disinfecting facilities. We’ll also take care of disinfecting doorknobs, desks and other places you might have to touch.

How to act in case of a suspicion of corona
Read below what to do with symptoms of Corona.
How to act in case of a suspicion of corona

The most exclusive joints work with a reservation system… Even though we remain down-to-earth (as we do in Zeeland), we are taking reservations now, too. You’re welcome for breakfast from 8am to 9am, from 9am to 10am or from 10am to 11am. This way, everyone can have breakfast in peace, with sufficient social distance.

Just as exclusive: the buffet will remain empty. Instead, we’re coming to take your order and serve it at the table. We’ve designed a four-course breakfast starting with coffee or tea, fresh orange juice, milk or a vegetable smoothie, a croissant and a bowl of fresh fruit. Subsequently, you can choose from several dairy-based deliciousness. Then something sweet or savoury follows, such as tenderly scrambled eggs with avocado, tomato salad and Pain de Mer (with optional bacon) or fluffy banana pancakes with blueberries, ricotta, maple syrup and strawberries. To top it all off, your nutritious start of the day ends with a ginger shot and homemade cake.

Flexibility with bookings
Say bye-bye to the pleasure of making plans without worrying. Are you an optimist and would you like to arrange your stay for summer 2020? We’re happy to welcome as soon as we can.

Should the lockdown start all over again, or should you fall ill, then you can postpone your stay till later during the year. Free of charge!

Meeting & event spaces
The exact capacity of our meeting and event spaces, Leerlooierij and Houtzagerij, isn’t clear yet. We’re currently experimenting with room settings in order to determine maximum capacities in times of social distancing. Please get in touch if you want to find out more or discuss your plans at